Organizer: Prof. Maria Anna Polak, University of Waterloo, Canada


Summary: Concrete is the most commonly used material in construction. It is very versatile and is used in almost every type of infrastructure including housing, bridges, roads, industrial buildings, and power plants. Recent advances in material formulations and construction techniques provide opportunities for creation of novel, more daring, and sustainable concrete structures. However, this also creates challenges in terms of characterization, design, and modelling. Understanding reinforced concrete behaviour and development of rational, mechanics-based design formulations is necessary for the safety of concrete infrastructure. This session will bring together experts on structural concrete construction, material characterization, novel material formulations, construction practices, and structural analysis and design. It will be a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge on recent advancements in all aspects related to reinforced concrete and concrete technology. The session will promote the use of structural concrete and the most sustainable, rational and economical approaches to design and construction.