Organisers: Dr. Izabela Drygała, Cracow University of Technology, Poland & Prof. Chiara Bedon, University of Trieste, Italy

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Summary: Taking into consideration the important significance of dynamics for the safety, operation as well as feasibility of major bridge structures, this special session intends to bring together authors from different parts of the world and encourage them to discuss their experiences. The special session is dedicated to academic researchers and civil engineering specialists who want to present their work on theoretical and experimental methods of analysis for dynamic aspects of bridge structures. Some of the problems considered for the special session are as follows, but are not limited to: experimental and theoretical investigation of dynamic characteristics of bridges and footbridges; seismic performance of bridges and footbridges; dynamic analysis of railway bridges subjected to high speed trains; human-induced vibrations of footbridges; aerodynamic stability of bridge structures; structural health monitoring (SHM) systems; integration and management of SHM data for bridges and footbridges.