Organisers: Prof. Robert Jockwer, TU Dresden, Germany & Dr. Johann van der Merwe, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Summary: The astonishing development of modern timber structures in recent years has been possible through the development of materials and technology as well as advances in engineering methods, mechanics and computational modelling in design. This special session aims to provide a platform for global experts to share their experiences, developments, and advances in the field of modern timber engineering. The special session will focus on the question of how the challenges in a changing world are answered in the different regions of the world. Topics include using different wood species in timber construction, advances in new engineering methods, incorporating new technologies and materials for design and construction, as well as maintenance of existing timber structures. In the context of a growing global climate crisis and resource scarcity, topics that focus on the use and modelling of timber in novel ways and for different regions will also be part of the focus of this session.