Organiser: Prof. Janusz Rębielak, Cracow University of Technology, Poland


Summary: This special session or mini-symposium is intended to be a forum for the presentation of results and the exchange of experience in the field of the design of various types of mechanical, structural and architectural systems. The application of the principle of superposition or basic rules of symmetry should be clearly recognized in the presented processes of design as well as in their outcomes. The topics of the research in the mechanical field will be: methods of calculation and analysis for various types of technical systems, machines and devices. In the structural field, the topics will be: concepts of lightweight roofing systems; bearing structures for high-rise buildings; foundation systems; other types of building structures; methods of static, dynamic and structural analysis. The topics in architecture will be: concepts and methods for the design of all types of modern buildings, as well as for the protection and preservation of historical objects. Experimental, theoretical and numerical contributions will all be welcome.