Organizers: Dr. Said Elias Rahimi & Prof. Michael Beer, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

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Summary: The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector, a vital component of the global economy, has faced challenges in adapting to the digital age. In contrast to industries like retail and manufacturing, the AEC sector's productivity has stagnated since 1945. Recent investments suggest a forthcoming disruption, poised to revolutionize building manufacturing, assembly, and design. This mini-symposium aims to explore the transformative potential of modular construction, particularly in addressing extreme dynamic loading conditions. It will serve as a catalyst for change in the AEC sector by fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and exploring innovative solutions.

Specific objectives of the session will be as follows: (i) to examine the current state of the AEC sector and identify challenges hindering productivity and innovation; (ii) to showcase the potential of modular construction to enhance constructability, manufacturing processes, and the entire building life cycle in the context of extreme dynamic loading conditions; (iii) to discuss the application of modular construction in addressing labour and housing shortages, with a focus on rapid post-disaster reconstruction under extreme dynamic loading conditions; (iv) to bridge knowledge gaps in applying modular construction to withstand lateral and dynamic forces associated with extreme conditions.

Prospective authors from around the world are invited to contribute to this session. Topics will include: (i) Overview of modular construction in AEC: Understanding the current landscape, challenges, and opportunities in the AEC sector; (ii) Constructability, manufacturing, and life-cycle design: Exploring how architects and engineers can leverage modular construction for efficiency and sustainability under extreme dynamic loading conditions; (iii) Modular construction in post-disaster scenarios: Assessing the role of modular construction in post-disaster situations, with a focus on lateral and dynamic forces; (iv) Innovative building technologies: Showcasing advances in modular construction materials, including mass timber and steel, and their impact on the AEC sector under extreme dynamic loading conditions.

Architects, engineers, construction professionals, researchers and industry stakeholders are all invited to participate. It is believed that this session will contribute new ideas and tangible steps towards the transformation of the AEC industry, and address pressing challenges faced by our cities under extreme dynamic loading conditions.